GoShelter Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Cancellation before rent agreement start date:

If tenant cancels booking 72hrs before rent agreement start date, 80% of the token & security deposit shall be reimbursed.

If booking is cancelled between 72hrs-48hrs before rent agreement start date, 50% of token & security deposit will be reimbursed.

No refund shall be entertained if cancellation is done within 48hrs of move-in date.

If the tenant doesn't pay the balance of the security deposit 2 days earlier to rent agreement start date, the booking shall be auto-cancelled. The tenant can choose to re-book or initiate a reimbursement within 3 days of cancellation.

These charges would be applicable even if cancellation happens because of non-payment of the security deposit by the due date.

All reimbursement shall be processed through online transfer, within 7-14 bank working days.

Refund on Move-out:

Any cancellation after the move-in date will be viewed as a move-out and all policies related with move-out will be applicable.

Please notify about your move-out day before 30 days through GoShelter app or website.

Payment for full 30 days of notice period is mandatory.

The security deposit will be reimbursed, after deduction if any agreeing to GoShelter’s policies, within 7-14 bank working days from the day of move-out.

All reimbursement shall be processed through online transfer.

Compulsory deductions from Security Deposit Amount:

Any outstanding amount (like utility bills, rent pending, damage done to Shelter’s property, penalties levied) payable by you to us.

If the tenant moves out within 180 days of rent start date a Housekeeping fee of ₹599 shall be charged against the security deposit.