GoShelter Safety & Security

Safety & Security:

GoShelter houses are situated in different cities crosswise over India in reputed society and safe areas. So as to keep up a quiet domain of the general public, disturbance or unfortunate behaviour of any sort including, drinking/smoking in society passageways/premises and utilization of unlawful and prohibited substances are not entertained in GoShelter houses.

Our 24X7 CCTVs and secured premises empower you to keep a watch on your things. In any case, take care of your own belongings. We are not liable for any robbery & loss of your personal properties.

Inner issues/fights among the tenants are better settled among roomies. Association of GoShelter isn't useful and henceforth bothersome.

We allow visitors with prior information & proper permission from the Shelter in-charge only.

In the occasion tenants defies any norms as stipulated thus or as contained in the rent agreement, GoShelter for the benefit of the proprietor, maintains whatever authority is needed to, issue fitting notification including however not restricted to Eviction notice to the tenant or charge a punishment measure of ₹5000 INR or more at its sole watchfulness.

GoShelter shall not be held responsible for any mishaps like self-emollition, physical casualties, etc.
Though complains from tenants are always welcome. But if any tenant found to be breaking code of conducts of the GoShelter, then their booking can be cancelled without any prior notice.
KYC documents can be shared for legal & verification purposes.
CCTV footage can only be shared with proper legal permission.