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About GoShelter

GoShelter is one of the India's fastest growing Rental Network attempting to provide better accommodation solutions, started at Bhubaneswar. We are focused on providing budget long and short term home-stay & workspaces to the common citizens.

Youngsters confronted various types of problems. Single ladies and bachelors are viewed as problematic. Migrants from other areas are seen with doubt as they show up as 'outsiders' in another city. Further, numerous newcomers didn't have the expertise to get around, lacking access to nearby bits of knowledge in another city. We presumed that individuals leaving homes to move to another city required something beyond a house. They required a place they could call home, a network where they would be acknowledged and a stage which enables associations with different passages.

At GoShelter we before long understood that it was important to go past nuts and bolts and make a stage that could do significantly more than simply take care of the prompt issues of room and peripherals. With globalization and correspondence taking a front line, we know that society is getting progressively divergent. Our reaction to this is - No city ought to be an outsider; no individual should feel separated. The way of thinking behind GoShelter developed to make a comprehensive living condition where youth have options but on the other hand are required to take ownership. Tenants would have choices so they could pick as per their spending limit and individual inclinations. We help them to find, book rental accommodation of choice across cities of their choice. We assist with move-in, provide home maintenance services from cleaning, repairing to rent payment, central security system & even move-out. The burden on owners would get lessened - to search for capable tenants, do background check and pursue tenants to pay in their dues. Later on, we trust GoShelter as a stage will develop in numerous different ways, with housing as the centre core interest.


To build a bridge between the house owners & tenants through an online platform for renting & managing of houses.


To be India’s most accessible rental networking unit.