How does GoShelter work ?

Goshelter is a premium accommodation exist in all the prime locations in Bhubaneswar. Exclusively designed for students and working professionals, these properties offer affordable rental abode to its residents. With top-notch IT companies and colleges in their vicinity, Goshelter fulfils the simple essentials of life and creates an environment of trust and friendship.

Are guests allowed in Goshelter ?

For a Shelter safety and other tenants privacy reasons, GoShelter has a few rules and regulations and among them are Visitors Hosting Policies. Opposite gender guests (except parents) are only allowed to visit you in the reception area.

Can couples stay at GoShelter ?

Yes,couples can stay only in Goshelter coliving properties as mentioned in online.

What is GoShelter ?

GoShelter is one of the India's fastest growing Rental Network attempting to provide better accommodation solutions, started at Bhubaneswar. We are focused on providing budget long and short term home-stay & workspaces to the common citizens.

Does GoShelter provide food ?

No,Goshelter is not providing food .But Don’t Worry we ll help you by providing the food vendors number .

What is the notice period to exit GoShelter as a resident ?

GoShelter needs to serve 30 days of the notice period.

Is GoShelter safe ?

Yes,we have CCTV cameras outside the building to cover the perimeter of the property. We do have security guards in some of the properties (Security guards will be provided on need basis, not a mandatory service).

How do I pay my invoice online ?

Can I visit the room before renting it ?

You can step into any Goshelter property by scheduling a visit at your convenience,but Male visitors are not allowed for visiting girls hostel.
*No charges for property visit.

What payment options do I have ?

You can pay through any method like cash,upi etc.please collect your receipt for future use.

Is there a water purifier on premise for drinking water purposes ?

Yes in every property we have water purifier for your better health.

Is there a provision for laundry/washing machine at the Goshelter property ?

Yes,we have a common washing machine, the washing machine is for all the residents across floors.

Does GoShelter provide housekeeping facilities for residents ?

Cleaning staff will be available in 3days interval.. Rooms will be cleaned twice a week at no additional cost. We do not have an on call housekeeping service.

How can I book my accommodation with Goshelter ?

is there any deposit that I have to pay, if yes how much ?

Unlike the local PGs, we at Goshelter take a deposit of one month only which is equivalent to a month’s rent. This rent may vary according to the property in which you are staying. The main reason behind charging the deposit is solely for security reasons.

Why & when do I have to pay deposit ?

When you finalize a particular Goshelter accommodation, a booking request is generated from your end. And, once, that is confirmed, you are required to pay the deposit money. This money is charged solely for security assurance purposes so that the residents do not damage/spoil the property.

Are pets allowed in GoShelter ?

Keeping in mind other people’s ease, pets are not allowed within the Goshelter premises.

Is there any minimum stay at GoShelter ?

Yes, there is short term & Long term stay available. However, before leaving, the GoShelter resident needs to serve 30 days of the notice period(for monthly basis long term tenants). *Long term: 1month or more
*Short term: Day basis

No move in charges is there ,but move out charges is taken for long term stay peoples.Whether you’re moving from home or PG on campus your first apartment is still a thrilling change. But with that change comes some fees that you might not know about, like the ‘move in-move out’ fee.
*Move out charge: Rs999/-(Long term stay)

One can reach out to Goshelter in multiple ways in case they have queries. Either they can reach out to our Support team via the Website/App. Or they can chat with our executive as well. Other than this, one can also call at or assistance. We are 24X7 available, both online and offline, and you can ping us whenever/wherever you get stuck